Our Executive Team

Jan 18, 2022


Welcome to CTIP - The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion, your premier destination for advancing opportunities within the Business and Consumer Services industry. Our Executive Team plays a vital role in driving our organization's success and fostering collaborations that drive economic growth.

Meet the Experts

John Doe - Founder and CEO

With over two decades of experience in international trade and investment, John Doe has been instrumental in establishing CTIP as a frontrunner in the industry. His visionary leadership and passion for fostering cross-border partnerships have positioned CTIP as a trusted platform for businesses and investors.

Jane Smith - Chief Operating Officer

Jane Smith brings her extensive operational expertise and strategic insights to CTIP's day-to-day operations. With a proven track record in managing complex projects, she ensures seamless execution and operational excellence throughout the organization. Her dedication to enhancing member experience and expanding CTIP's network drives our continuous growth.

Michael Johnson - Director of Trade Relations

As the Director of Trade Relations, Michael Johnson leverages his in-depth knowledge of global markets to drive strategic initiatives that promote international trade. His strong relationships with key industry stakeholders enable CTIP to create mutually beneficial opportunities, facilitating seamless trade transactions and ensuring member success.

Sarah Thompson - Director of Investment Promotion

With a wealth of experience in investment promotion and economic development, Sarah Thompson plays a pivotal role in attracting foreign investments to our member countries. Her deep understanding of global investment trends, coupled with her exceptional negotiation skills, positions CTIP as a preferred investment hub within the Business and Consumer Services industry.

Leading the Way

At CTIP, our Executive Team collectively brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table, creating a dynamic environment of innovation and collaboration. With a strong focus on fostering economic growth and facilitating business partnerships, they drive CTIP's mission of furthering trade and investment within the Business and Consumer Services industry.

Embracing Collaboration

Our Executive Team understands the power of collaboration and is committed to establishing strategic partnerships with global industry leaders. By offering platforms for networking, knowledge-sharing, and joint ventures, CTIP facilitates valuable connections that open doors to new business opportunities and drive growth.

Driving Economic Growth

The expertise and dedication of our Executive Team enable CTIP to play a significant role in driving economic growth within the Business and Consumer Services industry. By promoting innovation, supporting entrepreneurship, and facilitating investments, CTIP empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected global arena.

Contributing to Member Success

Our Executive Team's commitment to member success is at the core of everything we do at CTIP. Through tailored services, expert guidance, and exceptional support, we empower our members to leverage trade and investment opportunities effectively. Together, we work towards creating a sustainable and prosperous future for our members.


The Executive Team at CTIP is at the forefront of reshaping the Business and Consumer Services industry, driving growth, and fostering economic development through strategic initiatives and partnerships. Their collective expertise, commitment, and passion make them incredible assets to CTIP's mission of promoting trade and investment. Join CTIP today and unlock a world of opportunities for your business.