Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017

Jun 3, 2022

Welcome to the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017, brought to you by CTIP The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion. As a leading organization in the Business and Consumer Services category, CTIP is proud to host this transformative event that aims to address the unique health needs of the transgender community. This conference brings together individuals, healthcare providers, activists, and organizations to share knowledge, engage in dialogue, and promote positive change in transgender health.

Comprehensive Transgender Health Conference

The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017, is more than just an event. It is a platform for education, empowerment, and advocacy within the transgender community. Our conference stands out as a comprehensive event that covers a wide range of topics, from medical and mental health to advocacy and community support.

Workshops and Speaker Sessions

One of the highlights of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is the diverse range of workshops and speaker sessions. We bring together leading experts, researchers, and community leaders to share their insights and experiences. Our sessions cover a variety of areas, including hormone therapy, surgical options, mental health, legal rights, and much more.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, a member of the transgender community, or an ally looking to learn and support, our workshops provide valuable information and resources. From beginners to advanced sessions, there is something for everyone.

Networking and Community Building

At CTIP, we understand the importance of building connections and fostering a supportive community. The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference offers numerous opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and potential allies. Come and meet people who share similar experiences, challenges, and goals.

Our networking sessions allow you to engage in meaningful conversations, share ideas, and form collaborations. We believe in the power of community building and its impact on individual and collective well-being.

Driving Transgender Health Advancements

Our ultimate goal for the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017, is to contribute to the advancement of transgender health and well-being. By bringing together professionals, activists, and community members, we create a space for open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Transgender healthcare is an area that requires continuous advocacy and improvement. Through our comprehensive conference, we strive to raise awareness, challenge societal norms, and address barriers to healthcare access.

Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility

At CTIP, inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of our values. We work tirelessly to ensure that our conference is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their background or resources. We offer translation services, ASL interpreters, and gender-neutral facilities to create a safe and welcoming environment.

We also understand the financial challenges faced by many in the transgender community. Therefore, we offer scholarships and reduced registration fees for those who need financial assistance. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the conference itself, as we continuously advocate for policy changes and increased healthcare access.

Join Us at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017

Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to expand your knowledge, a member of the transgender community seeking support and resources, or an ally committed to advancing transgender rights, the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is for you.

We invite you to join us on September 7-9, 2017, and be part of this transformative event. Learn from renowned experts, engage in empowering conversations, and contribute to the movement for improved transgender health and well-being. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals in the transgender community.

For more information and to register for the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference—September 7-9, 2017, visit our website and secure your spot today. We look forward to welcoming you to this groundbreaking event!

Rick Quinlan
Looking forward to attending the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, an important event for transgender healthcare.
Oct 4, 2023