Amida Care Celebrates Delay of Medicaid Pharmacy Carve-Out in New York State Budget

May 31, 2019

Welcome to the webpage of Amida Care, where we celebrate the recent delay of Medicaid pharmacy carve-out in the New York State budget. Our organization, CTIP - The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion, is dedicated to providing comprehensive business and consumer services.

Understanding the Medicaid Pharmacy Carve-Out

Firstly, let's delve into what the term "Medicaid pharmacy carve-out" refers to. In New York State, Medicaid is a government health insurance program that provides support to low-income individuals and families. The pharmacy carve-out specifically relates to the separation of pharmacy services from managed care organizations (MCOs) and their transfer to a fee-for-service (FFS) system.

This significant change was initially proposed to take effect on April 1, 2021. However, due to the tireless efforts of Amida Care and its partners, the implementation has been delayed. This delay allows for more time to assess the potential implications and ensure a smooth transition that prioritizes the needs of Medicaid beneficiaries.

Amida Care's Mission and Impact

Amida Care is a leading nonprofit health plan that specializes in providing comprehensive health coverage and coordinated care to individuals living with chronic illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS. Through our dedication and expertise, we strive to improve the health outcomes and overall well-being of our members.

With the delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out, Amida Care has been granted the opportunity to further advocate for the best interests of our members and the broader Medicaid community. Our mission is centered around ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare services, including essential prescription medications.

The Importance of the Delay

The delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out in the New York State budget is a significant victory for Amida Care and the thousands of individuals who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare needs. This delay provides an opportunity to carefully evaluate the potential consequences and implement necessary safeguards to ensure uninterrupted access to vital medications.

By suspending the carve-out, Amida Care can continue to work closely with pharmacy providers to maintain seamless delivery of medications, mitigate potential disruptions in prescriptions, and address any concerns related to pricing, availability, and therapeutic substitution.

Amida Care's Collaborative Efforts

Amida Care has actively collaborated with various organizations, community leaders, and lawmakers to advocate for the delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out. Our collective efforts have highlighted the potential risks and unintended consequences that could arise from a rushed implementation, ensuring that decision-makers fully understand the implications.

We have engaged in constructive dialogue with policymakers, sharing our insights and expertise to shape policies that prioritize the continuity of care and safeguard the health of vulnerable populations. Our commitment to this cause has made us a respected voice in the ongoing discussions surrounding the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

During this period of delay, Amida Care remains dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition when the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out eventually occurs. We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders, including MCOs, pharmacy providers, and advocacy groups, to develop comprehensive strategies that address beneficiary concerns and ensure minimal disruption to their healthcare services.

Amida Care's multi-disciplinary team will work tirelessly to implement necessary adjustments, coordinate with pharmacies, assist in navigating changes, provide resources, and support our members throughout the transition process. Our goal is to minimize any potential negative impacts and ensure a seamless experience for all Medicaid beneficiaries.


In conclusion, Amida Care celebrates the delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out in the New York State budget. This delay provides us with an invaluable opportunity to further advocate for the well-being and medical needs of our members. By working collaboratively with various stakeholders, we will ensure a smooth transition and mitigate any potential disruptions to essential healthcare services.

As a leading organization in the field of healthcare, Amida Care, under the CTIP umbrella, continues to provide comprehensive business and consumer services to support the diverse needs of its members. Through our unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes and advocating for equitable access to quality care, we are proud to contribute to the overall well-being of communities throughout New York State.

Elly Bijns
That's great news! The delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out in New York State is a significant accomplishment for Amida Care. It shows their dedication to protecting the healthcare needs of Medicaid recipients. Well done indeed!
Nov 11, 2023
Sga Line
Congratulations to Amida Care on the delay of the Medicaid pharmacy carve-out in New York State! Well done!
Oct 9, 2023