Amida Care Applauds NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's Budget to Expand HASA

Jan 21, 2019

Providing Quality Healthcare Services for Individuals with HIV/AIDS in New York City

CTIP - The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion is proud to highlight the recent budget expansion by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio that aims to significantly improve healthcare access for individuals with HIV/AIDS in New York City. We applaud this initiative and its positive impact on the community's health and well-being.


The HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) is a vital agency within the NYC Department of Social Services that provides comprehensive support and services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Recognizing the importance of enhancing healthcare access and addressing the needs of this vulnerable population, Mayor Bill de Blasio's budget proposal ensures the expansion and improvement of the services offered by HASA.

Expanded Services

Under the new budget, HASA will receive increased funding to expand its outreach efforts, improve healthcare coordination, and provide additional assistance programs. This directly translates into better healthcare outcomes for individuals with HIV/AIDS, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support for an improved quality of life.

Enhanced Healthcare Access

One of the primary objectives of the budget expansion is to enhance healthcare access for individuals with HIV/AIDS. HASA will collaborate with healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to streamline the processes and reduce barriers to care. This ensures that those in need can easily access vital healthcare services, such as medication, counseling, and specialized treatments.

Improved Coordination and Support

Mayor Bill de Blasio's budget also prioritizes the improvement of healthcare coordination and support services for individuals with HIV/AIDS. HASA will work closely with healthcare providers and social service agencies to create a seamless experience for clients, ensuring comprehensive care and support throughout their healthcare journey.

Additional Assistance Programs

The expansion of HASA's budget allows for the creation of additional assistance programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals with HIV/AIDS. This includes expanding housing options, job training, vocational support, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment programs. These programs aim to address the holistic well-being of individuals and empower them to lead fulfilling lives.

Amida Care's Commitment to Quality Healthcare

Amida Care, a leading managed care organization specializing in providing healthcare services to individuals with chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, fully supports Mayor Bill de Blasio's budget expansion for HASA. With a focus on comprehensive, patient-centered care, Amida Care is committed to working collaboratively with HASA and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes for individuals with HIV/AIDS in New York City.

Comprehensive Clinical Care

Amida Care offers a wide range of healthcare services, including comprehensive clinical care. Through personalized treatment plans, regular health assessments, access to medical specialists, and ongoing support, individuals with HIV/AIDS receive the necessary care to manage their condition effectively.

Culturally Competent Care

Amida Care recognizes the importance of cultural competence in healthcare delivery. We have a diverse team of healthcare professionals who understand the unique needs and challenges faced by different communities affected by HIV/AIDS. This cultural competence ensures that individuals receive respectful, appropriate, and effective care.

Coordination and Support

Coordinate care and support services are crucial for individuals with HIV/AIDS. Amida Care works closely with community-based organizations, social service agencies, and healthcare providers to ensure a seamless experience for our members. This collaboration allows for efficient coordination of services, reducing gaps in care and improving overall health outcomes.

Social Support Programs

Amida Care offers a variety of social support programs aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of our members. These programs include mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, support groups, and assistance with housing and employment. By addressing the social determinants of health, we support individuals in leading healthier and more fulfilling lives.


CTIP - The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion is excited to witness the positive impact of Mayor Bill de Blasio's budget expansion for HASA. This investment will undoubtedly improve healthcare access, coordination, and support for individuals with HIV/AIDS in New York City. Amida Care remains dedicated to providing quality healthcare services and supporting this essential initiative. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Nafees Alam
Great news for NYC's HIV/AIDS community!
Oct 12, 2023