About Us

About Us

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion  (CTIP) is a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization whose educational mission is to create global partnerships around International Trade and Investments.  Our primary focus is to promote trade and investment through Public Private Partnerships and the promotion of US exports combined with supporting Local Government Units’ capacity buildup and economic development. CTIP promotes international trade and investment through education, access to global networks, delegations and trade missions.

Services Provided:

  • Policy Development & Government Relations
  • Economic Development and Innovation
  • Economic and Industry Analysis
  • Trade, Promotion and Strategy Development
  • Trade and Strategic Alliances
  • FDI Attraction & Global Strategic Partnerships

CTIP is a membership organization consisting of independent business owners (SMEs) and Municipalities (LGUs) for the sole purpose of international trade, investment and promotion opportunities.  The organization is also open to executing cooperation agreements with local and international trade associations or chambers of commerce.

American School for International Business (ASIB)
The American School for International Business (ASIB) www.asibedu.org is NJ registered training school for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Center for Global Entrepreneurship where its participants will gain first hand experiences based on principles learned of Global Business Education, Global Entrepreneurship and vocational training courses.

ASIB has designed training courses to build understanding of the intricacies of trade and investment through Project Finance, International Trade and Finance, and Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) along with the Center for Entrepreneurship – a holistic business incubator that supports and develops SMEs vision of global entrepreneurs from any stage in their business development cycle.  

ASIB was born out of the vision of the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion  (CTIP), www.ctip-usa.org focused on supporting local government units, in its advocacy of promoting local government capacity build up through the Power of Education.

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