Dreyfus Board and Advisors Archives

Jun 9, 2018

Welcome to the Dreyfus Board and Advisors Archives page of CTIP The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion.

CTIP is a renowned organization in the field of Business and Consumer Services, committed to promoting and facilitating trade and investment worldwide. For years, CTIP has built a strong network of professionals and experts, ensuring the highest standards of proficiency and commitment to its cause.

Board Members

Our board members play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction of CTIP. With their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in various industries, they bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Their collective wisdom, vision, and leadership drive CTIP's mission of advancing global trade and investment.

John Dreyfus - Chairman

John Dreyfus, the chairman of CTIP, is a visionary business leader with a proven track record in driving successful trade and investment initiatives. With years of experience in international business and deep knowledge of market trends, John has been instrumental in shaping CTIP's growth and global reach.

Susan Anderson - Vice Chairman

Susan Anderson, CTIP's vice chairman, brings a wealth of expertise in international finance and trade policy. Her strategic insights and exceptional leadership skills have significantly contributed to CTIP's advocacy for fair trade practices and investment facilitation across different countries.

Michael Johnson - Board Member

Michael Johnson is a respected industry expert known for his strategic business acumen. As a CTIP board member, he leverages his vast network and insights to foster collaboration and address challenges related to global trade and investment barriers.


Our esteemed advisors provide invaluable guidance and support to CTIP's mission, leveraging their domain expertise in specialized areas.

Sarah Thompson - International Law Advisor

Sarah Thompson, a renowned international law expert, assists CTIP in navigating intricate legal frameworks tied to global trade and investment. Her legal acumen ensures CTIP operates ethically and responsibly while promoting trade and investment opportunities.

David Roberts - Technology and Innovation Advisor

David Roberts, a technology and innovation advisor for CTIP, brings extensive knowledge of digital transformation and its impact on international trade. With his guidance, CTIP stays at the forefront of emerging technologies, facilitating the adoption of innovative solutions in the trade and investment landscape.

Linda Martinez - Sustainability Advisor

Linda Martinez contributes her vast expertise in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility to CTIP's endeavors. Her advisory role helps CTIP promote responsible and eco-friendly business practices, fostering a sustainable future for global trade and investment.

At CTIP, we believe that bringing together visionary board members and accomplished advisors is key to driving positive change in the field of global trade and investment. Their contributions enable us to create impactful programs, advocate for fair trade policies, and empower businesses worldwide.

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