SAGE Celebrates 20th Anniversary

May 17, 2019


Welcome to the webpage dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of SAGE. SAGE, which stands for Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Elders, is a remarkable organization dedicated to promoting the well-being and supporting the rights of LGBTQ+ elders. In this article, we will explore the services and advocacy efforts offered by SAGE, highlighting their exceptional contributions over the past two decades.

The Importance of SAGE

As an essential component of the LGBTQ+ community, SAGE has been instrumental in addressing the unique challenges faced by elderly individuals within this diverse community. The organization recognizes that as individuals age, the intersection of sexuality, gender identity, and aging can present additional hurdles that need to be overcome. SAGE has taken the lead in providing vital resources, advocacy, and support to ensure the well-being of LGBTQ+ elders.

Services Offered

SAGE offers a wide range of comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ elders. From healthcare and housing to legal assistance and social activities, SAGE aims to address every aspect of their members' lives. Let's take a closer look at some of the core services provided:

1. Healthcare Support

Recognizing the importance of accessible and LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare, SAGE has established partnerships with healthcare providers who are knowledgeable about the unique health concerns faced by LGBTQ+ elders. From regular check-ups to specialized treatments, SAGE ensures that their members receive the support they need to remain healthy.

2. Housing Solutions

SAGE understands that safe and supportive housing is crucial for the well-being of LGBTQ+ elders. Through their housing initiatives, the organization assists and advocates for affordable housing options that are inclusive, respectful, and free from discrimination.

3. Legal Assistance

To safeguard the rights of LGBTQ+ elders, SAGE provides legal assistance and guidance. Whether it's addressing issues related to marriage and partnership rights, estate planning, or discrimination, the organization has a team of dedicated legal professionals who are ready to support their members.

4. Social Engagement

SAGE recognizes the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging among LGBTQ+ elders. Social engagement programs, such as support groups, cultural events, and recreational activities, are organized to ensure that members can connect, share experiences, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

Advocacy Efforts

In addition to their extensive service offerings, SAGE is at the forefront of advocacy for LGBTQ+ elders. The organization actively engages in legislative initiatives and policy-making processes to bring about positive change on a local, national, and international level. Let's delve into some of the key advocacy efforts undertaken by SAGE:

1. Anti-Discrimination Laws

SAGE has been pivotal in advocating for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in anti-discrimination laws. By working closely with lawmakers and community partners, SAGE has helped secure comprehensive legal protections for LGBTQ+ elders.

2. Healthcare Equality

The fight for healthcare equality remains a top priority for SAGE. Through advocacy campaigns, the organization strives to eliminate healthcare disparities, promote LGBTQ+ inclusive policies in healthcare systems, and ensure that elders receive the respectful and affirming care they deserve.

3. Social Security and Pension Benefits

SAGE recognizes the importance of financial security for LGBTQ+ elders. The organization actively advocates for equal access to social security and pension benefits, supporting policy changes to ensure fair and equitable distributions that do not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

4. Age-Friendly Communities

SAGE aims to create age-friendly communities that are inclusive and respectful of LGBTQ+ elders. Through collaboration with local governments, organizations, and businesses, SAGE works to enhance community services, transportation, housing, and healthcare infrastructure to better serve the needs of their members.


As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of SAGE, it is evident that their dedication and unwavering commitment to the betterment of LGBTQ+ elders has made a significant impact. Through a comprehensive array of services, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, SAGE has not only provided vital support to countless individuals but has also paved the way for greater inclusivity and equality. We applaud SAGE for their accomplishments and look forward to their continued success in the years to come.

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Pamela Persons
Congrats, SAGE! 🥳 Amazing achievements!
Nov 8, 2023
Marisa Kerby
Happy 20th anniversary, SAGE! 🎉
Oct 8, 2023