Amida Care Condemns Dr. Betty Price's Comments Promoting Misinformation and Stigma Around HIV

Jan 4, 2022

Welcome to the official page of CTIP The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion. Today, we address a pressing issue surrounding the HIV epidemic. We strongly condemn the comments made by Dr. Betty Price, which promote misinformation and stigma related to HIV. In this article, we will delve into the consequences of such remarks and emphasize the significance of accurate HIV education.

The Importance of Accurate HIV Education

As an organization committed to promoting business and consumer services, CTIP understands the criticality of providing accurate information about public health concerns. HIV is a complex and sensitive topic that requires careful handling to prevent the perpetuation of falsehoods and the reinforcement of stigma.

Inaccurate information about HIV can lead to harmful consequences, such as increased HIV transmission rates, discrimination against individuals living with HIV, and hindrances in accessing proper healthcare. It is our responsibility to challenge and correct any misleading statements that perpetuate misinformation and stigma surrounding HIV.

The Consequences of Dr. Betty Price's Comments

Dr. Betty Price's recent comments on HIV have drawn widespread criticism from medical professionals, advocacy groups, and the general public. Her remarks not only demonstrate a lack of understanding but also contribute to the harmful spread of misinformation and perpetuate stigma against individuals living with HIV.

One of the most concerning aspects of Dr. Price's comments is the negative impact they can have on individuals seeking HIV testing, treatment, and care. When public figures promote misinformation or cast judgment, it creates an environment of fear and discrimination, hindering progress in the fight against HIV.

Raising Awareness and Combatting Stigma

CTIP recognizes the need to raise awareness and combat stigma associated with HIV. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, community organizations, and advocacy groups, we strive to create a more inclusive society where accurate information about HIV is readily available.

It is crucial to encourage widespread HIV education that focuses on dispelling myths, providing scientific facts, and fostering empathy and understanding towards individuals living with HIV. By educating society about the realities of HIV, we can break down barriers, reduce discrimination, and ensure equal access to healthcare for all.

Partnering with Amida Care

Amida Care, a leading healthcare organization specializing in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, has been instrumental in supporting individuals living with HIV for many years. They have consistently emphasized the importance of accurate information and the impact of stigma on public health.

CTIP proudly partners with Amida Care to further their mission and amplify the voices of those affected by HIV. Together, we aim to promote evidence-based education, advocate for effective policies, and provide a supportive and stigma-free environment for individuals living with HIV.


In conclusion, CTIP The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion firmly condemns the comments made by Dr. Betty Price that promote misinformation and stigma surrounding HIV. We emphasize the importance of accurate HIV education in combating the spread of HIV and reducing discrimination against individuals living with HIV.

Through partnerships with organizations like Amida Care, we can make strides in creating a more informed and empathetic society. Let us stand together to promote accurate information, combat stigma, and ensure equal access to healthcare for all individuals, irrespective of their HIV status.

John Gilas
Strongly condemn Dr. Betty Price's harmful remarks 💔
Oct 6, 2023